So, who the heck is ChilliMango

ChilliMango is an Afro-Urban Streetwear brand based in Kenya. Our clothing is made by hand with the best fabric available and we put a lot of thought into our designs. We believe in the true beauty and vibrancy of our continent and do our best to capture it in the clothes we make. We specialize in casual and smart-casual wear with a touch of Afro-inspiration.

Right now we have a range of tees (showcased here) ready for order but we also make a whole lot of other stuff such as Khanga hoodies, Khanga dresstops, bags, posters etc.. Our designs are suited to men, women and kids so we REALLY do have you covered!

To place your orders please send an email to We also deliver; delivery fees  vary based on your location.

We welcome comments, suggestions and criticism to grow so feel free to tell us what you think. To be updated regularly on what we’re up to, follow us on  Facebook  and Instagram.

Thanks for your support.


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