Easy Rahisi Mabati Laini – Fabric Meets Metal

On this lovely sunny Sunday afternoon, we set out with the amazing photographer @kevjapicha to a junkyard located somewhere at Dagoretti Corner, Off Ngong Road. We were going for a grungy, high-contrast, rustic look and the junk as a backdrop offered just that.

Our intention was to show that there’s beauty in junk and that good things do come from Africa. The biggest misconception about this awesome continent is that it has nothing but darkness to offer which is farthest from the truth. From the clothing, to the people, to the colorful buildings and bustling Matatus (mode of public transport) you’ll notice that this is the most colorful continent and not just in terms of tones and shades alone.

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All these pieces, Tees, Khanga/Leso Hoodies & Sweatshirts, are available for purchase. They come in a variety to of size and colors to choose from. Just send your order to chillimangodesigns@gmail.com.

It was an adventure and we all had a blast! Even out of his comfort zone Kev, a documentary photographer did an amazing job.

The owner of the property (below) was gracious enough to model in a ChilliMango Neon Mask tee.

Doesn’t he look like a don though?

To see more Kev’s work, just head off here: http://kevjapicha.wordpress.com. Behind-the-scenes pictures will be up soon here ChilliMangoKE

Special shout out and huge thank you to these guys for making this a great experience; @kevjapicha, @kahawajunkie, @njewwy, @jemmyjemz, @nairobidhobi, @Bryant_EM, @mercynguyo and Alexander Alaka. It was such fun working with this bunch man. Hope to do it again.

This post was ongezwad ‘sugar, spice and everything nice’ by writer extraordinaire @mwikalilati. Ahsante.


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