Jikos in Space | A Short Story by Mike Macharia

What you are looking at is the Space Jiko, an upgrade from the previous Terrestrial Jiko,

copies of which can be found in the corners of many kitchens around the country. The original

Terrestrial Jiko, forged from the fires of Mount Longonot by a wizard long since forgotten,

could warm a large hut, gather a whole village around it in the evenings to marvel at its

glowing embers and roast mammothian steaks in five minutes flat. Or so the legend goes.

The Space Jiko, on the other hand, while possessing all the functionality of its predecessor,

can also be expanded to heat a large enough star-ship as well as roast a large extraterrestrial

animal, should Mankind ever find an alien species they want to make burgers or perhaps kebabs,

out of. In these cold, overcast days, its glow can help cool people find each other.

Limited supply, so order one now. A handful of charcoal MAY be provided. Batteries not included.

– – – – –


The Jiko is a stove that uses Charcoal and is common in many Kenyan homes. It is yet another symbol of pride in Kenyan workmanship and innovation. The Jiko has evolved over time and you can find some really innovative designs of professional charcoal and wood fueled stoves and ovens over at Cookswell Energy Saving Jikos.

Kindly send your orders to thechilli[at]chillimango[dot]co[dot]ke or chillimangodesigns[at]gmail[dot]com. Warm sweatshirts, T-shirts, Tanks and Posters available.

If you’re an information junkie and would like to find out more about the Jiko and it’s history, then head out here.


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